Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Welcome to The App Wars Blog where we will be spotlighting our partners in the event and our amazing sponsors and even spotlighting some of our entries from time to time.
The App Wars is an international mobile photography event currently accepting submissions for work shot originally in the Hipstamatic or Instagram applications through September 25th.  The cost is $5.00 USD per submission.  And although it's called "The App Wars", this event really isn't about 'war' between the Hipstamatic and Instagram apps, it's about bringing awareness and exposure to both apps and furthering the cause of the mobile photography medium's struggle to become legitimately ingrained  in the photographic arts.   Our goal is to help bridge the gap between conventional photography and mobile photography and promote the arts as a whole.  This will be unique and different from other shows.  We've got two phenomenal judges - Ms. Gina Costa, M.A. and Ph.D in Art History and currently at the Snite Museum of Art at the University of Notre Dame. Gifted in the arts, Gina is currently working on a publication which explores the current discourse on the use of cell phone technology and how it has changed the way one defines a photograph.  And then there's the esteemed Chip Simons, the internationally published commercial photographer whose work has graced the pages of just about every magazine and whose work is sold around the world - smart, witty, and beyond talented.  (He's the guy we all want to be when we grow up!) (FULL blog spotlight coming this week on Chip!)
100 Instagram photos and 100 Hipstamatic photos will make the short list to be included in the Gallery with (1) Instagram and (1) Hipstamatic photo being selected to receive a grand prize of $1000 USD each.  (5) Honorable Vision awards will also be given.  There hasn't been any mobile photography event awarding larger singular prizes.  A book publishing will also follow.
To enter - go to www.theappwars.com and click on the Registration and Submission page.   If you have questions, please contact info@theappwars.com for quick answers!

The opening night reception will be held at 3RDSPACE in San Diego, California on October 6th (with eats, drinks and entertainment) showing though the end of October.  We can't say enough great things about 3RDSPACE.  3RDSPACE is a club for the creative and a co-working environment like no other with some brilliantly talented people as members.  3RDSPACE is much more than co-working.  3RDSPACE is a private club for the creative, described less by what it as what it becomes by the growing community of interesting, talented and active members.  It's creative space shared by a bunch of smart, imaginative ambitious and fun people in America's Finest City of San Diego!
The App Wars LOVES 3RDSPACE and you should too.  They are the perfect host for the gallery and you should definitely check out their website and dig their facebook page too!  They are located at 4610 Park Avenue in the heart of University Heights.

Check the Video by 3RDSPACE member Elias Blood.


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